Jasmine Nguyen
25 December (17)
South-East of Melbourne (Aust.)

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Got a shitload of stuff to do tonight and yet I’m sitting her reminiscing about the past whilst listening to oldschool music. Damn man, I really miss those types of songs when it wasn’t all about sex, weed and ass. Such a shame :(

Day by day, everyone’s annoyingness just enhances more and more.

That was probably the most funniest night I’ve ever had. I spent two hours going through everyone’s Bebo and posting their back-in-the-day TB photos on their Facebook walls. Oh man so freaking funny.

I don’t know man but everyone’s so annoying now.

I wish I was good at something.


Now even my Religion teacher is starting to use ‘yolo’ now. Oh god, LOL.

I’m so hooked onto the new song on my playlist. FAR OUT, I freaking love it. HAHAHAHA.

Tomorrowland 2012 | official aftermovie

I want to be an Event Manager to that level. HELL TO THE YEAH.

A trip to Chadstone was like torture today. There were so many nice sports motorbikes and I was dying inside each time I saw one. I completely died when it was the Ducati 996 :’( WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!

Mked as.

I placed an order for my dress. Someone better not have bet me to it :(

No actually, I think counting money gives me bad luck. I’ve got a blood nose now. lol.

Who would have known counting money sucks. ROFL.

Yeah…no, I definitely need to start slimming down.