Jasmine Nguyen
25 December (17)
South-East of Melbourne (Aust.)

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Life’s so boring nowadays. I want to meet new and funner people, dammit.

The memes on facebook that people’s creating of themselves are so fucking stupid and annoying. Such attention seekers.

I miss having guitar lessons. My guitar teacher could easily teach us any song we gave him, fucking better than google :(

We’ve only started selling the debutante tickets yesterday and I’m already hearing some false information going around. It’s funny ‘cause the people who started it aren’t even part of the committee, so I don’t understand how they would ‘supposedly’ know shit. Wtf. Lol, whatevs.

I find it stupid when people compare Avicii and David Guetta as of who’s better. I understand if you say you prefer one’s music over the other but seriously, you can’t compare on “who’s ‘better” when they have their own different ways to their music. It’s just simply impossible.


Superbike 848 EVO; Dark Stealth.
Oh, I think I’m in love.

Superbike 848 EVO; Dark Stealth.

Oh, I think I’m in love.

Just made nachos. Pretty sickening. ROFLMAO.

I’m going to take the ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’ course next upcoming holiday. Or maybe… just a free weekend. YEAHHHH, ROFLMFAO!

When I’m older, I think I’m gonna buy an average car but a good motorbike. Yeah. Yeah!

I made a wishlist/shopping list just to remind myself the things I want and I just realized… it’s actually quite long ROFLMAO. Oh man, I seriously need a job :(

Mmmm… I want some mi xao do bien again. Yum.

I feel fat today :(

Holy shit, I SURVIVED! Now I’ve got a headache and my eyes hurt. Fuck. All this just for Maccas breaky, LOOOL.

I’m failing on this allnightering shit, I’m starting to get sleepy now…